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10 April 2008 @ 07:54 pm
Jrock Meme!  
Because I saw this, was bored, and figured I should probably post in here again, even if it is just another meme. 

01. Who was the first J-rock Band you heard?
Gazette. Completely by accident, whilst I was searching for pictures on Google. It was SILLY GOD DISCO, and the song and the PV blew me away.

02. Who's the most recent J-rock Band you've heard?
Abingdon, I think.

03. Who's your favorite J-rock Band?
Gazette/Alice Nine

04. Name 6 other Bands you Like:
SuG, Dir en Grey, LM. C, Baroque, 12012, Kra

05. Are you a fangirl/boy?
Complete fangirl.

06. If yes, of Who?
Oh my Gosh, everyone?
Ruki, Reita, Kai, Miyavi, Gackt, Hyde, Kyo, Kaoru, Toshiya, Mai, Yasuno, Maya, Aiji, Takeru, and lots more D:

07. Do you cosplay?
No, but I’d like to.

08. Who?

09. Do you like Dir en grey?
I ADORE them.

10. Are you a Toshiya fangirl?

11. How about Kaoru?

12. Die?
Not as much as the others, but I still like him.

13. Kyo?

14. Shinya?
Not so much, actually.

15. What's your favorite DeG song?
[KR] Cube. I think the PV really made it, though.

16. Do you like visual bands or non-visual bands?
Both. Looks aren’t everything, but it’s nice to have something pretty to look at.

17. What's the first J-rock song you heard?

18. What's the last song you heard?
Im listening to Hana Ichi Yaiba – Alice Nine

19. Do you buy J-rock magazines?
No, but once my paypal comes through… *evil smirk*

20. What's your favorite?

21. Have you ever been to any J-rock concerts?
No, but I convinced my parents to take me to Barcelona for Meeves’ date there this year! *spaz* 

22. Which ones?

23. What would you do if you saw any J-rocker walking down the street in your town?
Highly unlikely, considering I live in the north of England, of all places.
But I’d gawp and squeal and faint if I did. Maybe kidnap?

24. Which Jrocker are you most in love/lust with?
Ooooh, hard choice.

25. Which three Jrockers would you most love to meet in person (Dead or alive)?
Hard choice!
I cheated>D

26. Three things you would like to say to/ask them?
Just general stuff, but still things that most people wouldn’t know.

27. Which three Jrockers can you relate to most?
Not sure.
Totchi, Hiroto and Nao.

28. Which three Jrock songs do you constantly replay?
[KR] Cube – Diru
Taion – Gazette
Gradation – Alice Nine

29. Do you have any Jrockers as your background?
Usually, but my dad was on my laptop so I had to change it *giggle*

30. Which Jrocker would you most like to get fashion/makeup advice from?
Uruha, he always looks nice.

31. Do you read Jrock fan fiction?
Of course.
Thanks to LJ, anything other than hardcore smut seems to be unacceptable these days.

32. What is your favorite Jrocker related dream?
I can’t say. :D

33. How many Jrock MP3s do you have?

34. And, finally, if you could sleep with any three Jrockers, who would they be?
Hm… Will answering this make me seem like a slut? >.<
Kyo, Saga, Ruki

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i doubt anyone is reading this, but if you are: you're tagged. XD

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